Sen. Chris Murphy Calls Out The Normalization Of Racism By Fox News


Sen. Chris Murphy called out Fox News, Trump’s political operation, and the GOP for normalizing racism and the racist ideology.


Murphy said on The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart, “There’s two really frightening phenomenon that are happening in this country right now. The first is the normalization of racism. Right, you have racist ideology and speech now embedded inside major American institutions –the Republican Party, the former president’s political operation, Fox News – and it is fueling a level of violence that we have never seen before. 75% of all extremist attacks in this country are committed by white supremacists. The second worrying phenomenon is the normalization of violence in this nation. We have had a dramatic spike in gun murders and mass shootings over the course of the last few years, and they barely get attention.”

People like Tucker Carlson spend every night normalizing racism and racist ideology like replacement theory. Until the Buffalo shooting, the mainstream conversation never discussed the cumulative impact of the spread of racism by Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, and others in the Republican Party.

Sen. Murphy was correct. Fox News and the Republican Party under Trump are using racism as a political tactic, and while they don’t force anyone to pull the trigger, they are radicalizing their viewers toward violence.



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