Pete Buttigieg Calls On Every Politician And Media Figure To Condemn White Supremacy And Replacement Theory


Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg called on every politician and media figure to condemn why supremacy and replacement theory after the Buffalo mass shooting.


Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: As a representative of the administration, I do want to ask you a little bit about this reaction to the events in Buffalo. You were once a mayor. Do you think that there should be a federal law criminalizing domestic terrorism? The president used that phrase, but that’s not really on the books.

SECRETARY BUTTIGIEG: I’ll let the President speak to the legal outlook with regard to the definition of terrorism. But whether it’s called that legally or not, this was terrorism, this was hate, and this would be a good day for every politician in this country left, right and center, every media figure in this country, left, right and center to come out and unequivocally condemn white nationalism, so-called replacement theory, and any other hateful ideology that could have contributed to something like this before it happens again.

Pete Buttigieg Makes Sure That Republicans Can’t Get Away With Thoughts And Prayers

The Buffalo shooting has brought about a different reaction than what the right has been able to get away with after similarly horrific events.

The shooter made it clear that his motivation was based on right-wing talking points like white supremacy and replacement theory.

Tucker Carlson spews the exact rhetoric that was in the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto, and it is time for Republicans not to be given a pass on their empty thoughts and prayers.

Buttigieg put the heat on Republicans. He called for politicians and media figures to condemn this rhetoric, but it was that he really meant Republicans.

The Buffalo shooting is another direct connection between the right and mass shootings, and that connection can no longer be ignored.

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