Kevin McCarthy Threatens Attorney General Merrick Garland For Trump


With his red wave gone, Kevin McCarthy threatened Merrick Garland in an effort to appease Trump and his supporters.

McCarthy tweeted:

McCarthy is trying to pull a total scam.

The only way Kevin McCarthy could have made it more obvious is if he had tweeted, “Make me Speaker, and I’ll investigate Merrick Garland.”

Minority Leader McCarthy frequently gets booed when he is mentioned or shown at Trump rallies, so this fake tough guy act isn’t likely to win many Republican voters over.

The red wave that McCarthy was counting on to sweep him into the speakership is gone, so he is trying to get some votes by Trump’s day of reckoning to the House majority.

If House Republicans win the majority, they won’t have the time to investigate everyone they promised to investigate.

Kevin McCarthy could have taken the road of a true leader and not commented on the work of the Justice Department, but McCarthy isn’t a leader. He is a follower and a panderer who demonstrated to voters the sort of weak character that would make him an awful Speaker of the House.


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